How to install Guacamole fast?

Guacamole is an open-source and client-less remote desktop solution. By client-less, it means that a user does not need to install any additional client software(like vncviewer, windows RDP) on the local machine to remote login into the remote machine. Instead, Guacamole uses HTML5 to remote login to the remote device on any browser. However, if you end up on this post from a search engine, you may have realized that installing Guacamole is not simple.  In this post, we will install Guacamole using docker-compose, thanks to this repo.



guacamole, avocado, salad-4296988.jpg


Step-1: Install docker[Optional Step: If you do not have docker installed]

You can manually install Docker by following the instructions here OR using the convenience script(for non-production) using the below two commands.

 curl -fsSL -o
 sudo sh

Step-2: Install Git and Docker-compose [Optional Step: If you do not have git/docker-compose installed]

sudo apt install git docker-compose -y

Step-3: Clone the docker-compose code from GIT

git clone ""

Step-4: Prepare and Start Guacamole

cd guacamole-docker-compose
docker-compose up -d

Step-5: Verification

At this point, the server should be running and can be verified by opening the following




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